What Makes Responsive Web Design More Efficient

Responsive website indonesia

Utilizing a responsive web design is highly recommended by Google for enhancing the optimization of your website. Implementing a responsive design simplifies the user interface since it adapts to all sizes of screens for devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Essentially, your site becomes easy to read and navigate on a wide variety of devices. With the number of mobile users increasing rapidly, it is necessary that your website is optimized for mobile viewing for enhancing the SEO digital marketing campaign. Look, 2013 was declared the year of responsive web design. If you haven’t already gotten on board, you are behind the times!

Responsive web design is something all businesses should invest in, with three exceptions:

  • You don’t depend on your website to remain in business.
  • You do not have any competition.
  • You have already determined a responsive design is not for you and developed a different mobile strategy.

Responsive website design and SEO

Besides the fact that there is a higher demand for responsive websites today, it is also essential for creating an effective SEO strategy. By creating a mobile-friendly website, leveraging the following benefits for your digital marketing campaigns becomes much more simple, thereby:

  • Increasing your total leads
  • Creating pages that load much more quickly
  • Converting your leads for increased ROI
  • Offering better engagement for viewers

Achieve approval from Google with responsive designs

There is no question that more and more websites are adopting responsive design, and Google is quite adamant regarding its preference for this design option. For those that have yet to make the move to a responsive design, you are definitely not alone. Yet, this is something you should certainly consider moving forward. Chances are your competition is already using this design option, which means you may be out-ranked if you fail to also make the transition. In fact, 66 percent of smartphone and tablet users are frustrated with page loading times.

The mobile future

If you decide not to embrace the power offered by a responsive website, you are painting a bleak online future for yourself. Your site might even be relegated to the “antiques” section of the Internet. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Websites that fail to offer mobile-friendly experiences for customers see a much higher bounce rate. Not to mention, many of your customers may decide to shop with any of your competitors who utilize responsive web design.  There isn’t any doubt that the mobile world is here to stay, with mobile users surpassing that of traditional desktop and laptop computers. The price associated with making your website responsive is quite small compared to the potential amount of people that a responsive design can reach. In addition, 85 percent of adults feel that mobile sites should be better than desktop sites.

Enhancements for SEO and digital marketing efforts

Responsive website design provide users with a more satisfying viewing experience and helps with all SEO efforts you currently take one. Some of the best features offered by responsive website designs include:

  • Color and text elements for the website that small devices can properly display.
  • Elements download quickly and efficiently display the content and images present.
  • Functionality of a website works for any smaller device.
  • Navigation on your site is enhanced so everything fits perfectly on the screen that is being used by customers.

Implementing a responsive website design allows you to retain the online users who express interest in your business. This is opposed to losing them because your site does not translate well to mobile devices. If you still have an unresponsive website, it can decrease interest and cause you to lose a number of valuable leads no matter how great your marketing efforts have performed.

Enhancing your website starts with creating a responsive site. When you accommodate the needs of all of your visitors, regardless the device they use,  you then help to create a more professional image that allows  you to optimize all of your digital marketing efforts. Plus, your SEO strategy will be much more effective when you implement a responsive website. That is why, having one created, helps any business, of any size or type, achieve the goals that it has established in terms of customer satisfaction and potential customer reach.