Why Your Business Needs to Go Mobile

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When you run a business, you must adapt in order to survive. With the various mobile devices and their capabilities increasing over the past decade, mobile is the new game and one you need to embrace wholeheartedly. Read on to learn why your business absolutely needs to go mobile.

Customers expect you to have it

With consumer applications steadily adapting to the ecosystem of mobile first, the expectations are now held by the B2B realm, as well. Whether it is a website that is mobile optimized, or the creation of a dedicated mobile application, the expectation among businesses and consumers is that mobile solutions are available when and where they need them. Just think of the fact that 69 percent of tablet users have shopped on their device within the last 30 days, and that number continues to climb. Keeping this in mind, it can be difficult to discover reasons why your business should not jump onto the mobile trend. Unfortunately, if you fail to do so, the results can be detrimental to your entire business.

Your competitors are mobile

When customers expect it, then your main competitors have likely already met their demands. In fact, you need to make this assumption to ensure your website is up to the standards of what your customers are looking for and what it is you have to offer. Think of Facebook. The company was seen as faltering when they first issued their IPO a few years ago. Yet, Mark Zuckerberg saw the mobile light at the end of the tunnel. He focused on mobile and turned Facebook around!

While going mobile offers its own benefits, when you make this move prior to your competitors, it helps to cement the idea that your business cares about the needs of your customers. Not to mention the fact you stay ahead of the latest in technological advances. A Google survey even revealed that 48 percent of respondents said if a site doesn’t work well on their smartphone, it makes them feel the site owner does not care about their needs. Are you that person?

Enhance work place communication

The nature of any business is to change constantly and dynamically. This is why successfully communicating new incentives, features and deals to your existing sales team is so important. When you use mobile capabilities, such as mobile enabled IM and cloud storage, everyone, from you managers, to salespeople and developers will remain on the same page, which is an important part of any smoothly running operation.

Achieve a more responsive sales team

New opportunities can come up suddenly and in order to capitalize on them, you must be agile. Mobile solutions offer superior responsiveness in terms of communications and logistics. To illustrate, does a customer require a product demonstration but only has a 15 minute lunch break to see what you offer? With mobile capabilities you can have a virtual salesperson there almost instantly.

Increased sales conversions

There is no question that creating organic interest in what you have to offer is essential to marketing, but if you have unfulfilled curiosity, it can be extremely dangerous to your bottom line. When customers can research your products and services (from their mobile devices) you will then see a significant increase of your sales conversions. In the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

You really cannot afford not to go mobile

There are times in the past when the adaptation to the latest technology was completely optional; however, this was due to the fact that the technology had a lifespan that was limited. Mobile is not this type of technology. The move you make to mobile is not just another technological fad, it is considered to be technologies natural progression, offering more adaptable and convenient solutions for businesses and consumers.

Even though there are a number of challenges associated with “going mobile,” the fact is it offers a huge benefit when considered in the long-term. With new customer expectations and a marketplace that is more crowded than ever, ensuring your team is prepared with the best communications possible will provide you and your business with the tools necessary for success. If you have not dove into the realm of mobile websites, now is definitely the time to investigate this technology ensuring the health and longevity of your business.