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We are GenieGlow Technologies, a software development company in Jakarta, Indonesia. We help small and enterprise businesses reach their full potential by providing top-notch software development and programming services. We cater to a worldwide demand for creative and user-friendly solutions in terms of software design, application technology, and internet solutions.

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Global Customer Centric Solution

We equip, edify and train our people to innovate customer-centric solution for global industries.


Respect And Integrity

We strongly believe in respect and integrity, both between colleagues and clients.


Success Through ADDICT

Ambition, Dedication, Dependability, Innovation, Consistency and Talent

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Attract Customers And Drive Sales

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Do you need a solution that will attract potential customers and drive up sales?

GenieGlow Technologies is here to provide you with software and internet solutions to let your innovative business compete with the best in the world. We have been working with clients in Indonesia, Singapore, USA, UK, Australia and Canada,

Do You Need An Online Solution That Can Automate Your Daily Operations And Increase Production And Efficiency?

Why Choose Us?

At GenieGlow Technologies, We believe that creativity and innovation can help a business stand out in the fast-paced and fluid world of the Internet age. We have assembled a team of passionate and hard-working individuals who are always ready to provide you with the software solutions that can take your business to the next level.

Agile Development

Our agile development system provides you with personalised, 1 on 1 communication from our development experts. We offer our customers full reign over project management to ensure you have complete control of your product.

Programming Expertise

Our development team are experienced with a range of programming languages. You can be confident that your project will be developed with the newest technologies to stand the test of time.

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UI/UX Expertise

We create your application and software solutions with a specifically optimised user interface and user experience to fit your target customers. We create websites and applications that not look brilliant but provide a seamless and enjoyable experience

Support & Maintenance

We use the latest project management software communication channels to ensure seamless interaction with our team. We also allocate dedicated staff to keep you in the loop with the project status.